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Something In The Orange Juice:
Something In the Orange Juice combines all the flavors of todays Folk, Indie/Alternative Rock and Country scene. As Zach Bryan & Noah Kahan songs will be the main focus of the show, do not be surprised to hear Mt. Joy, Tyler Childers, CAAMP, Morgan Wallen, and many more sprinkled in to the performance.

Dad Strength:
The Midwest’s music scene has a new heavyweight contender, and they go by the name of Dad Strength – the band that’s lifting the bar on rock and roll. With a name like Dad Strength, you might think this band is all about dad jokes and flannel shirts. But once they hit the stage, it’s clear that these dads have serious musical chops. Their live performances are electric, with an energy that could power the entire Windy City. From guitar riffs that will make your hair stand on end to drum solos that will leave you breathless, Dad Strength brings an unmatched level of musicianship to every show. So tuck in your shirt, grab your favorite beer, and get ready to rock with Dad Strength!