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Rivera (birth name: ​Geraldo Rivera Rodríguez) was born in ​Humacao, Puerto Rico​, a town located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, moved with his family to ​Levittown​ in the town of ​Toa Baja​, where he received his ​primary​ and ​secondary education​. His entire family consists of musicians.

In 1986, when he was 13 years old, he accompanied his father who was performing at a hotel in ​Isla Verde​, San Juan. In 1988, ​Tommy Olivencia​ heard Rivera sing alongside his father and recommended that he sing ​solo​. When Rivera was 14, his father made a ​demo Rivera began to be known as “El Bebé de la Salsa” (the baby of salsa) after recording his first ​album​, ​Empezando A Vivir​, . This project generated the hit, ​De La Cabeza A Los Pies (“From Head to Toe”). His second ​album​, ​Abriendo Puertas​ (‘Opening Doors’), produced the hit songs ​Esa Niña​ (‘That Girl’), ​Dime​ (‘Tell Me’), ​Nada Sin Ti​(‘Nothing Without You’), and Como un Milagro​ (‘Like a Miracle’) became ​number one​ ​hits​ first in ​Puerto Rico​, then among the ​Hispanic​ populations in the ​United States​ and finally across ​Latin America​.
Rivera has performed in ​Venezuela​, ​Colombia​, ​Honduras​, ​Panama​, the ​United States​, Spain​, ​Ecuador​, ​Argentina​, ​Peru​, ​Mexico​, ​Sweden​, ​France​, and ​Japan​.